What to plant for butterflies

ButterflyMany homeowners want to attract more butterflies to their yard, but have no clue where to start. The best way to do this is to supply Dead Animal Removal Austin TX butterflies with a variety of plants that are attractive to butterflies indigenous to your area. Don’t just visit your regional big-box retailer and buy anything with the word”butterfly” in it. Do some basic research for yourself, which is quite easy to do online, and you will fare much better.

The first thing you want to do is assess what type of environment you have. Is your lawn wooded, or largely a backyard type? Some butterflies will only go to a certain kind of environment, and no matter what plants you have, they will not go to them if they’re not in the ideal place.

The next step is to do an online search for your city or county, and see what butterflies are generally found there. As soon as you do that, cross-reference that info with the sort of environment you have (woody, garden, etc.. .) . Most often times lists such as that will also record the host plant of the butterfly, but otherwise, you can look for this too.

Butterflies use two varieties of plants – a host plant, and a nectar plant. A host plant is the type of plant that they will lay their eggs . The nectar plant is a sort of plant which the adult butterflies will feed off of. Normally butterflies will have a large variety of nectar plants where they will feed, but only 1 host plant that they will use to deposit their eggs. The monarch butterfly, as an instance, will feed from many different sort of nectar plants (lantana, periwinkle, pentas, etc.. .) But only have one single host plant, that’s the milkweed. The monarch butterfly will only lay their eggs on a milkweed plant, because that’s the only plant that their larvae (caterpillars) can eat.

To draw the most butterflies to your yard, you can have a variety of nectar plants, but it’s most important to have the host plants. You will discover, by planting many of the host plants together, you will draw a whole lot of that species of butterfly.

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